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BLÜCHER - Keeping up the flow

BLÜCHER was founded in 1965 by Johannes Blücher Skibild, a skilled and visionary plumber with both feet on the ground. Today, BLÜCHER is one of Europe's leading producers of stainless steel drainage systems with subsidiaries and sales offices across Europe, in Russia, the Middle East, USA and China. BLÜCHER’s head office with production, product development, storage, and administration facilities is based in Vildbjerg, in the western part of Denmark.


Watts Water Technologies
BLÜCHER is owned by the American group Watts Water Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: WTS) which is a world leader in the manufacture of innovative products to control the efficiency, safety and quality of water.


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Drainage systems for all applications
BLÜCHER offers drainage systems for all applications. Our product range comprises of more than 2,500 products, including standard and customised floor drains, roof drains, drainage pipes and drainage channels. All our drainage solutions are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure that our products are high quality and long lasting, offer excellent flow capacity and optimum hygiene and require the minimum of maintenance. The BLUCHER range of drainage solutions are developed in a flexible modular system allowing customers to combine sub-components to create complete products matching their specific requirements. BLÜCHER also offers customised solutions in which the flexibility and craftsmanship in the production process play a key role.


Know-how, common sense and dedicated service
Customers all over the world rely on our know-how, common sense and dedicated service. Through quality stainless steel drainage solutions leading wastewater away, BLÜCHER is committed to the promise of "Keeping up the flow".