BLÜCHER UK Ltd Sales contacts

Our Area technical sales representatives are available to answer any enquiries and provide you with assistance and advice for your drainage project.

Managing Director
Gert Siekmans
Mob 07387 016 942
Photo of Gert Siekmans
Technical Engineer
Chris Cawthrow
Tel 01937 838 017
Photo of Chris Cawthrow
Specification Manager
Paul Cocks
Mob 07860 771 850
Photo of Paul Cocks
Contracts Manager
Tony Sizer
Mob 0786 077 1786
Photo of Tony Sizer
South Wales, South West & South East England
Contact direct line
Tel 01937 838 012
North London / South East
Technical Sales
David Martin
Mob 07974 322 253
Photo of David Martin
North East, Yorkshire and North West
Technical Sales
Daniel Marshall
Mob 07983 705 808
Photo of Daniel Marshall
Scotland / Northern Ireland and Marine UK
Technical Sales
Fraser Little
Mob 07850 796 673
Photo of Fraser Little
Area Sales Manager
Brian Doyle
Mob 00353 87 7743865
Photo of Brian Doyle
Midlands / Wales
Key Account Manager
Stephen Lowe
Mob 07860 705 808
Photo of Stephen Lowe