Kitchen drains for schools

Schools may be closed for many, for contractors the work start with alternations, working under high pressure, the deadline is set in stone.

BLÜCHER has been supplying a full range of kitchen drains to many schools in the UK, whether you need a drain or a channel for a tiled, resin or vinyl floor we have them available, many of them directly from stock.

We can also supply bespoke solutions, even during summertime with short delivery times. All our products are stainless steel, a fully removable water trap, filter basket and non-slip mesh grating. You are in a need for a tundish, we have those as well.


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We would be pleased to handle your project, your inquiry, to make your turn-key delivery a success.  Please contact us at any time, mail(at)blucher.co.uk or just call us at 01937 838 002.

Roof drains

Stainless steel roof drains for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane. Suitable for both gravity and siphonic applications.

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