Our products provide a solution for any industrial drainage need

BLÜCHER® Drain Industrial is a comprehensive range of stainless steel drains and accessories for use in industrial and commercial facilities. The product range can be combined in a variety of ways to provide a solution for any industrial drainage need thanks to the modular product system.

The multiple features allow for easy installation
A range of features including height adjustment, rotation and tilt make the drains for industrial applications simple to install, and the smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces of the BLÜCHER® Drain Industrial stainless steel products ensure excellent hygiene, self-cleaning properties and flow capacity.

Achieve first-rate hygiene in your drainage system
The BLÜCHER® Drain Industrial products are well-suited for commercial kitchens, supermarkets, airports, the food and beverage industry as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. All of which require reliable drainage solutions that offer first-rate hygienic properties and easy access for cleaning and inspection.

Customise your solution with our range of accessories
The BLÜCHER Industrial drains range is complimented with a wide range of accessories. The grating range covers all types of load class and application and includes the patented HygienicPro gratings in cast stainless steel, which are particularly suitable for use in areas where hygiene is essential. The range is further complemented with water traps, filters baskets and sand buckets and supported by additional products such as sealed access covers, grease separators and glass separators.

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Stainless steel roof drains for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane. Suitable for both gravity and siphonic applications.

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