Stainless steel drainage with a minimum of maintenance

BLÜCHER stainless steel drainage products require a minimum of maintenance. The smooth, acid-pickled surface retains its uniform matt silver finish in most environments, such as wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. However, in particularly demanding environments, such as the food industry, laboratories, the chemical industry and agriculture, it may be necessary to clean the installation to avoid formation of coatings which can cause subsequent corrosion.

Please notice that particularly aggressive and hazardous substances should be disposed of according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not through the drainage system.

Please find below maintenance guides for the various types of BLÜCHER products.
The maintenance guides are sorted by product group to help you find the right one for your product.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Floor drains

Shower channel WaterLine

Industrial drains

Roof & balcony drains

Marine drains

Channels & kitchen channels

Pipes & fittings

Roof drains

Stainless steel roof drains for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane. Suitable for both gravity and siphonic applications.

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