Flow Capacity


We provide safe stainless steel drainage solutions that remove water from production areas, commercial buildings, private homes, etc. No matter which requirements for flow capacity you may have we can meet your needs.

Video - BLÜCHER HygienicPro flow

Achieve the optimum flow capacity

To ensure that your drainage system achieves the required flow capacity, we have more than 50 years of experience and know how to guide you to the perfect flow capacity for your drainage solution and we can help draw up a suggested design of your drainage system.

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Connect directly to BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

The outlet of BLÜCHER's drains connects directly to the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe drainage pipework system. The reliable push-fit system can be used for both process waste and wastewater for a complete drainage system.

BLÜCHER helps you keeping up the flow as we are aware of your flow capacity challenges.

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