New Compact Drains Range


The Flexible Drain for Easy Solutions

This new Compact Drain range of product is for discharge of large amounts of water in areas such as restaurants, supermarkets, shopping centers, the local butcher, fish shop, bakeries and many other applications.

We have made it easy and simple for you: This is a drain-in-a-box solution and contains all components which makes a drain assembly, like upperpart, grating, water trap and filter, lower part, as well as an outlet adaptor – packed so you have all components in one box. 

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All the advantages:

• Fully rotation of lower part
• Drain-in-a-box solution including all components
Vertical and horizontal outlet
• Ø75, Ø100 or Ø110 mm outlet
• Height adjustment 30 mm

Welcome to the New Compact Drain Product Introduction

We have made it easy and simple for you with this new drain-in-a box solution with many product advantages. See product demonstration in this video.

Gert Siekmans
Senior Business Developer

These new products complement the Compact range of products. A range we sold successfully around the world for many applications and for many years. It is the flexible drain for easy solutions in housing and commercial applications.


Application Area: Supermarkets


Application Area: Restaurants


Application Area: Shopping Centers


Application Area: Local Bakery, Butcher or Fish Shop

Flyer for Blucher's Compact Drain

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Insturction manual for Blucher's Compact Drain

Installation Instruction

Easy installation with this illustrative installation instruction.
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