Fire Safety

Firemen heading into firetrucks

It is imperative to prevent the spread of fire anywhere a large group of people are gathered, whether you are in a hotel, shopping centre, hospital, or at a cruise ship.

A Non-Combustible Solution

Stainless steel is a non-combustible material, so in the event of fire, it will prevent the spread of fire both upwards and downwards without melting.

Smoke is as, if not more, dangerous than the fire itself. Our stainless steel systems will not release any toxic gasses or smoke.



Boasting a smooth stainless steel surface for high flow capacity and minimum maintenance, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is easy to install and cut both in buildings and at sea.

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BLÜCHER® Marine Drains

Marine Drains meet the specific demands of each individual installation, regardless of the deck construction.

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BLÜCHER® Water traps

We've developed fireproof water traps, which reduce the risks of fire spreading. These traps have a special cone full of foam, which expands when exposed to high temperatures and thereby closing the drain and preventing both smoke, toxic gasses and the fire from spreading.

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