Hygiene Is More Important than Ever

Hygiene and efficient cleaning processes are essential in maintaining a high level of food safety. All surfaces and equipment must be easy to clean and keep clean while waste water from cleaning processes are disposed of quickly through an efficient drainage system.

BLÜCHER HygienicPro®:

  • Designed without corners or cavities that might hide bacterial growth
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals used in cleaning
  • Not affected by high-temperature cleaning and steam disinfection
  • Smooth surfaces that aid efficient flow and are easy to clean and keep clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Stainless steel

Cleaner. Better.

  1. Production down-time reduced
  2. Easy and efficient floor cleaning
  3. Secure and durable bonding to floor
  4. Fast and easy drain cleaning
  5. Neat and safe installation
  6. Efficient flow towards outlet
  7. Hygienic floor concept

Keep Your Drains Clean

HygienicClean™ is a new hygienic channel and grating washer for the drainage system. It offers the food and beverage industry both time and water savings by cleaning the channel and grating at the same time.

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HygienicPro® in Action Demonstration

Because of the unique HygienicPro® channel design a little amount of water is used and emptying the drain is very quickly compared to a standard channel.

Save water, time and money.

Square vs. Round Openings

Grating with open sides, rounded corners and no cavities prevents waste and residues from depositing on the grating surface.

This gives the most hygienic conditions by eliminate bacteria growth.

Neat and Safe Installation

A protective cover and template give a uniform application of flexible sealant around channel/drain. In that way it becomes a part of the ground and creates a complete system inside the floor.

This saves the installer time and save you money.

Secure and Durable Floor Bonding

The channel anchors of HygienicPro® ensure a strong bond which eliminate separation between drain and floor where bacteria can grow.

Reduced Production Down-time

High-capacity filter basket eliminates production slowdowns caused by the need to empty clogged filter baskets.

Pick the Right Grate

No corners, no edges, no places for things to get stuck. Pick the right stainless steel grate for the drainage solution.


Drains & Channels

We offer a range of standard, modular, and customised drainage channels in stainless steel to meet any drainage requirements.

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